I am frequently amazed and awed by the things I find in nature. By its scenic splendor. By its peace and tranquility, but also by the rage and fury it can manifest. By both the literal and abstract beauty created through the juxtaposition of nature’s shapes, textures, and tones. By the ability of living things to adapt to and thrive in the harshest environments.

I recently added the Japanese kanji “wa” to my signature line. In common usage, “wa” translates as “harmony” and “peace,” as in being in harmony with one's environment and in a peaceful state of mind. My goal is that at least some of my photographs succeed in telling a story about their subject. I strive to create expressive images that communicate the emotion, amazement, awe, harmony, and peace that I felt when the shutter clicked.

I am a dedicated amateur who developed an interest in landscape and nature photography as an extension of my wilderness backpacking experiences. This interest became more serious when I acquired my first DSLR, and even more serious when I retired from working full-time. Between photography and other interests, I wonder how I ever had time to work!

I am a retired clinical pharmacist and Executive Director Emeritus of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP). We have lived in the Phoenix area since 2011. This allows ready access to many varied and beautiful sites in Arizona, Utah, California, and other western states, whose areas comprise the bulk of my current portfolio.

I hope that you find this site interesting enough to return again. I promise to post new images on a regular basis. Any suggestions to improve the site are truly appreciated (bobelenbaas123@gmail.com).

Best wishes for good light,

Bob Elenbaas

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